CCNA Training in Faridabad

Demand of networking professionals has significantly come down in recent years, graduate engineers seek help from professional certifications in order to attain the skills required in order to grab the job opportunities in market.. traditional beginner courses like A+, CCNA, network+ are does not meet the skills requirement organizations are looking for today.

CCNA Training in Delhi, Chandigarh and Faridabad

TNE has been designed by industry skilled professionals keeping current organization requirements under consideration. Multi-vendor skills with understanding on converged technologies – both network and security – has become key attribute to success of any training prgrame today.

This multi vendor course helps beginners to understand design aspects of various network and security technologies with hands on experience on how to install, operate, configure and troubleshot IPv4 network with in depth understanding on configuring a LAN switch, router , identifying enterprise security requirements, understanding firewall technologies and troubleshooting common network issues.

Prerequisites: General knowledge of computer and basic network fundamentals is required.

Course Objectives: After completion of this course students will attain understanding on network and security technologies including

  • Networking basics
    • IP addressing
    • Routing
    • Switching
  • Firewall technologies
  • Virtual private network
  • Understanding on commonly used networking protocols
    • FTP, SMTP
  • Overview of threat vectors
  • Working knowledge of Linux kali

Technologies covered - Cisco routing and switching, Juniper routing, wireshark, Kali Linux
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TNE has been designed in order to meet current network and security requirements and could be more informative and valuable for students looking to pursue their carrier in network and security domain. CCNA was 1st introduced in 1998 as basic network level certification. Cisco CCNA layout has largely been changed based on rapid change in technology to meet modern networking requirements. Although cisco CCNA course has revised the course content, but it hardly cover network security aspects.

Content Details CISCO CCNA (R&S) Troika TNE
OSI model
IP addressing / Subnetting
Static and Dynamic routing
LAN switching
WAN technologies (ISDN, token ring, IPX/SPX, Apple talk etc.) ✕ (Not required in today’s scenario)
Multi vendor technologies (Cisco, juniper, open source router) ✕ (only cisco)
Firewall technologies
Security Architecture
Security technologies overview such as IPS, proxy, web security
Trouble Shooting tools Wireshark, tcpdump
Security policies
Network attacks
Overview of Linux kali

Study modules TNE basic TNE advance
Network Basics
IP Routing Technologies
LAN Switching Technologies
Network security basics
Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Introduction to Kali Linux
Complementary services
Mock interview
Personality development sessions
Access to revision sessions
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