Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Training Institutes in Bheemunipatnam

TCSA – Troika Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber breaches are increasing world over and India too is one of the major targets of cyber attacks, as per report by PWC Cyber security breaches incidents spurt 117% in India. Organizations in INDIA are looking towards innovative security solutions to mitigate new range of attacks. Security professionals with Vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and malware analysis skills can be 1st line of defense to organizations layered security architecture. This course is designed for students who are new cyber security domain with more emphasis on hand’s on lab (80% lab and 20% theory).

Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Training Institutes in Bheemunipatnam

TCSA has been designed by industry skilled professionals and covers comprehensive attack vectors, with Troika iLab’s professionals can master their learning by exploiting various vulnerabilities and analyzing attack behavior.

Prerequisites: General knowledge of computer and operating system fundamentals is required. Some exposure to software development and experience in assembly and C programming languages is recommended.

Course Objectives: After completion of this course students will attain understanding of various attack vectors and hands-on learning of vulnerabilities exploitation

  • Understanding of cyber security and why its important in today’s world
  • Overview of various attack vectors & attack life-cycle
  • Exploring KALI Linux and programming essentials
  • Information gathering – Scanning the network
    • Active reconnaissance
    • Passive reconnaissance
  • Understanding and exploringmetasploit framework
    • Type of shell’s
      • Reverse TCP shell
      • Bind TCP shell
    • Attacking your first machine
    • Post exploitation using meterpreter.
  • Overview of shell code and crafting your shell code
  • Buffer overflows
    • Assembly language basics
    • Understanding various registers
  • OWASP & Web application security
    • Understanding OPWASP top vulnerabilities
    • Browser exploitation
    • Local & remote file inclusion
    • SQL injection & XSS attacks
  • Overview of mobile hacking & smartphone pentest framework
  • Tracing malware in your lab environment
    • Static analysis
    • Dynamic analysis

Who should attend? Information security staff, Network security administrators, System admins and others requiring in depth understanding of cyber security
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Study modules TCSA basic TCSA advance
Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Introduction to Kali Linux
Programming refresher
Before the snap: Scanning the network
Exploitation using Metasploit -1
Exploitation using Metasploit -2
Password Attacks
OWASP & Web application security
Social engineering
Buffer overflow
Mobile hacking
Malware analysis -1
Malware analysis -2
Troika iLab access
Payment via Purchase Order Optional Optional
Enrollment Fee in INR 45,000/- 65,000/-


Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Training Institutes in Bheemunipatnam

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