Checkpoint Lab Outline

Lab 2: Basic Configuration

  • Initial configuration of firewall as per ilab topology
  • Configuring firewall objects
  • Initial security Policy
  • Checkpoint & Palo Alto deployment types
  • Basic Administration and Management

Lab 3: Security Policy and NAT

  • Design and Configure firewall security policies
  • Configure Source NAT and Destination NAT on firewalls
  • Configure Static NAT
  • NAT advanced scenarios

Lab 4: IPsec and SSL VPN

  • Configure VPN with site-to-site topology
  • VPN with NAT
  • Route based VPN and advanced VPN scenarios
  • SSL VPN for web based application and file share
  • Native client server application access with checkpoint SSL VPN
  • Global Protect
  • Endpoint security on-demand

Lab 5: User Identification

  • Acquiring identities for active directory users
  • Acquiring identities in terminal server environment
  • Browser based Authentication
  • AD – query

Lab 6: High Availability using Cluster

  • Configure HA with Active/Backup
  • Configure HA with Active/Active
  • Advanced Cluster scenarios

Lab 7: Command line & Troubleshooting

  • Packet capture on firewalls
  • Firewall command line utilities
  • Advanced VPN troubleshooting
  • Configuration backup
  • Advanced troubleshooting using scripts

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