Load Balancer Lab Outline

Lab 2: Traffic Processing

  • Initial BIG-IP Configuration
  • Create an HTTP Pool and Virtual Server

Lab 3: Load Balancing

  • Round Robin Load Balancing
  • Ratio Load Balancing
  • Priority Group Activation
  • Virtual servers
  • Forwarding ip, reject, standard virtual servers

Lab 4: Monitors

  • Monitors for Nodes
  • Monitors for Pools and Members Lab #1 and 2
  • Using an Inband Monitor
  • Using Manual Resume

Lab 5: Profiles

  • HTTP profile
  • FTP profile
  • Performance Profiles

Lab 6: Persistence

  • Source Address Persistence
  • Cookie Persistence
  • Disabled Members

Lab 7: SSL Termination

  • Client SSL Termination
  • Server side SSL profile

Lab 8: NATs and SNATs

  • Configure a NAT
  • SNAT Labs

Lab 9: iRules

  • iRules
  • Using iRule Events
  • Using iRules Best Practices

Lab 10: High Availability

  • Lab Environment does not support High Availability

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