The best way to practice your learning is by understanding and implementing the concepts in labs. Practical hands on learning provides access to real world tools and use case scenarios, and is proven to be more effective for preparing you for job. Troika i-lab covers almost all the scenarios required to build solid understanding on the subject.

How to get connected with ilab

Complete the registration with all the mentioned details to get access to ilab. Once approved by ilab team you will get conformation mail with instructions to access the requested ilab. Please ensure you stick to guidelines for seamless access

  • Make sure you have installed VPN client – you can refer to Ilab instruction documents for download link.
  • Integrated security controls will allow you to access lab from your laptop only, so please ensure 1st login should be from your laptop/desktop only.
  • On successful login , You can use Troika online portal for lab assignments.

Download Instructions

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