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Forcepoint Security Training

Forcepoint Security Training

The Forcepoint Web Security Administrator course is designed for people who will manage Forcepoint Web Security and perform standard administrative tasks such as policy administration, system monitoring, and incident management. Instructors deliver this class via a virtual (online) instructor-led training format (VILT) with dialog with students; hands-on walk-throughs to build administrative competencies, and lab scenarios for students to independently demonstrate competencies.

Understanding and Getting Started with Web Security

  • Describe features, components, and key integrations that enable Web Security functionalities.
  • Articulate the licensing structure for Web Security and related modules.
  • Distinguish key settings in Security Manager, Content Gateway Manager, Forcepoint Security Appliance Manager, and other available user interfaces.
  • Describe the differences between Super Administrators and delegated administrators.

Policy Enforcement and Filtering

  • Describe the full scope and workflow of policy planning.
  • Identify standard and custom policies, including related filters.
  • Distinguish key settings in Security Manager.
  • Compare user identification and proxy authentication.
  • Explain how Web Security analyses user requests and enforces policies.

Monitoring Web Security Activities

  • Itemize Web Security notifications and alerts.
  • Diagram the reporting flow.
  • Describe various reporting options to gain important insights about your environment.
  • Identify suspicious network activity using threats dashboard.
  • Compare reporting tools, including legacy and Report Center features.

Disaster Response and Recovery

  • Explain how Web Security responds to incidents.
  • Compare and contrast Web Security update options.
  • Distinguish guidelines related to incident management and disaster recovery.
  • Identify system health monitoring capabilities.
  • Complete various tasks that help maintain a healthy Web Security environment.
  • Define best practice procedures for disaster recovery.

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What is Firewall? A Firewall is a network security device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on an organization's previously established security policies. At its most basic, a firewall is essentially the barrier that sits between a private internal network and the public Internet.


Secure your network at the gateway against threats such as intrusions, Viruses, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Adware, Keyloggers, Malicious Mobile Code (MMC), and other dangerous applications for total protection in a convenient, affordable subscription-based service. Modern threats like web-based malware attacks, targeted attacks, application-layer attacks, and more have had a significantly negative effect on the threat landscape. In fact, more than 80% of all new malware and intrusion attempts are exploiting weaknesses in applications, as opposed to weaknesses in networking components and services. Stateful firewalls with simple packet filtering capabilities were efficient blocking unwanted applications as most applications met the port-protocol expectations. Administrators could promptly prevent an unsafe application from being accessed by users by blocking the associated ports and protocols.


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