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Sophos On Demand Training

Sophos On Demand Training

To help our clients and partners improve their abilities, Sophos provides a variety of technical training courses. We even provide guidance for home users to help them stay safe in a threat environment that is constantly changing.

Learn at your own speed with eLearning pathways created specifically for you, whether you’re a partner or an IT administrator. Learn from Sophos specialists in their courses, and get assistance from peers and experts in our community.

As a Sophos Partner, we want to make sure you have the knowledge and abilities necessary to expand your company and secure your clientele. Our technical and sales courses are made specifically to do that. You can go up the Sophos Partner Program ladder and earn more benefits by being certified.

Secured Cloud Computing Practitioner (SCCP)

The utilisation of hardware and software resources that are typically provided as a service over the Internet is known as cloud computing. It entrusts user data, software, and processing to remote services.

Although cloud computing offers many business benefits and opportunities in terms of increased availability, scalability, flexibility, etc., it is crucial to properly explore its business potential. The primary priority of the cloud service provider must be protecting the client data in the “cloud”. Legal issues regarding the jurisdiction of client data in the “cloud” need to be carefully addressed. This is because the service provider’s data centre or single location may not be where the service provider stores the data.

We will learn about typical cloud misconfigurations, how to do a risk analysis, and how to analyse compliance for different cloud services in this course. We’ll go into more detail about identifying security threats in these cloud services and putting best practises in place to mitigate the frequent cloud configuration errors. Along with their automations, we will also immediately begin the compliance aspect based on well-known standards like NIST, OWASP, Cloud Security Alliance, etc.

Sales Consultant (Sell)

You gain the head start you need to start selling Sophos products after completing the Sophos Certified Sales Consultant programme. A wealth of knowledge about Central Endpoint and Server, XG Firewall, and other important Sophos products can be found in the Sales Basics course as well as general information about Sophos. That will be the first stage in your certification process and an excellent place for you to start as a Sophos Partner.

Benefits of Sophos Certification and Training
There are many benefits that come with Sophos certification and training courses. Candidates with the certification have an advantage in terms of preference over their non-certified counterparts. Some of the advantages of having a Sophos certification are as follows:
  1. Demonstrate your newfound capabilities by gaining a thorough understanding of Sophos and how it helps to improve the security posture of an organization
  2. Candidates who have a Sophos certification are the preferred choice for recruiters and organizations for their network and system security architecture. This is because the organization saves upon additional costs that come with training new employees in the platform.
  3. Certified Sophos professionals are more in demand than their non-certified counterparts because Sophos is one of the most popular platforms in cyber and network security, making it a lucrative option for certification.
  4. Certified Sophos professionals are also well equipped to create custom security solutions for their company. This means they enjoy higher job security and have a better chance at growth within the company they are currently working in.
  5. A Sophos certification enables working professionals to join a global community of security specialists and helps them stay updated on the latest trends in cyberattacks and cybersecurity.
  6. Sophos security solutions certification also helps working professionals expand their knowledge and skillset and offers them the chance to grow their expertise in the field of web, network, application, and system security.
  7. Create a successful Sophos career path with widely-acknowledged Sophos certification credentials in a competitive job market
  8. Embrace the next-gen enterprise IT architecture, which has heightened focus on security through Sophos credentials
  9. With relevant with Sophos certification credentials and additional job responsibilities that match your enhanced skillset

Organizations can utilise the network, hardware, and software security platform Sophos to defend themselves against security threats and cyberattacks. Currently, more than 400,000 firms in 150 countries utilise the security software. IT professionals and users can obtain the expertise they need to correctly implement and utilise the software through Sophos certification and training programmes. The Sophos certification programmes assist students in mastering the software and addressing the demands and requirements of organisations for advanced cybersecurity. The programme is a popular choice for businesses because it is one of the best firewalls currently on the market. To enrol right now, look at some of the well-liked Sophos certification courses.

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Secure your network at the gateway against threats such as intrusions, Viruses, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Adware, Keyloggers, Malicious Mobile Code (MMC), and other dangerous applications for total protection in a convenient, affordable subscription-based service. Modern threats like web-based malware attacks, targeted attacks, application-layer attacks, and more have had a significantly negative effect on the threat landscape. In fact, more than 80% of all new malware and intrusion attempts are exploiting weaknesses in applications, as opposed to weaknesses in networking components and services. Stateful firewalls with simple packet filtering capabilities were efficient blocking unwanted applications as most applications met the port-protocol expectations. Administrators could promptly prevent an unsafe application from being accessed by users by blocking the associated ports and protocols.


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