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WatchGuard Firewall Training

Our WatchGuard Firebox Training is top-of-the-line since we are a WatchGuard Accredited Training Provider with a cutting-edge training facility. Unlike to many of our training partners, we never cancel a class if enough people sign up. We have developed the first virtual WatchGuard training environment and have a full schedule available. Although we have a training centre in Charlotte, North Carolina, we also regularly hold classes all over the country.

WatchGuard Firewall Training

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Our top goal is getting you taught and informed with the most recent WatchGuard information. To ensure that you have a solid understanding of WatchGuard firewall management, we go above and beyond what any training material can offer. We promise that at the end of our course, you will be more at ease controlling your WatchGuard Firebox device and aware of the hazards you face, such as hackers, denial-of-service attacks, ransomware, and potential attacks. You will have acquired the knowledge necessary to be ready for the WatchGuard Certification exam by the course’s conclusion.

These technical certification tests are supplied by WatchGuard. With the exception of Secure Wi-Fi Essentials with Wi-Fi, all tests are accessible in English, French, German, Japanese, European Spanish, and Latin American Spanish.

  • Network Security Essentials for Locally-Managed Fireboxes – This exam tests your knowledge of basic networking and how to configure, manage, and monitor a locally-managed WatchGuard Firebox.
  • Network Security Essentials for Cloud-Managed Fireboxes – This exam tests your knowledge of basic networking and how to configure, manage, and monitor a cloud-managed WatchGuard Firebox.
  • Secure Wi-Fi Essentials with WatchGuard Cloud – This exam covers general wireless concepts, and and how to manage WatchGuard access points in WatchGuard Cloud.
  • Secure Wi-Fi Essentials with Wi-Fi Cloud/Gateway Wireless Controller – This exam covers basic wireless technology and Wi-Fi Cloud, as well as Fireware Gateway Wireless Controller and Wireless Firebox devices.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Essentials – This exam covers basic authentication technology concepts and how to set up, configure, and manage WatchGuard AuthPoint.
  • WatchGuard Endpoint Security Essentials – This exam covers basic WatchGuard Endpoint Security with Patch Management, Full Encryption, and the Advanced Reporting Tool.

The WatchGuard Certified Training Partner (WCTP) programme brings together our most experienced and certified Distributors and Partners who are interested in teaching our end users and Partner base on WatchGuard products.
By providing WatchGuard’s clients with endorsed technical training courses, it gives you a low-cost entry-point opportunity to increase your revenue stream. We will rely on you to provide our esteemed consumers with top-notch technical training. A knowledgeable client base is more likely to purchase further WatchGuard items and to recommend WatchGuard products to their own social circles of coworkers and friends, in our opinion.
At a high level, the partnership offers these benefits:
Access to the WCTP tab in the WatchGuard Learning Center that includes:
o Instructor Guides
o Tips and resources geared toward technical trainers
o Links to register for future Train the Trainer classes
o Invitations to training sessions dedicated to certified trainers
Complimentary exams for all certified trainers to renew certifications or try new exams
Freedom to set your own your price for the training you offer (royalty-free)
 Ability to purchase select appliances or virtual appliances through the WatchGuard NFR (Not for Resale)
program at greatly discounted prices
Presence on the WatchGuard website as a WatchGuard Certified Training Partner specifying your
Your training events, based on our curriculum, included on a master technical training schedule posted
on our website WatchGuard Certified Trainer certificate
 Trainer Kit with official WatchGuard Certified Trainer polo shirt
 WatchGuard Certified Trainer logo to use in your email signature
WCTP newsletters

WatchGuard Certified Training Partner (WCTP)
The WCTP program is for existing WatchGuard Partners or Distributors who are interested in providing training
on WatchGuard products to our end users and Partner base. Entry to the program can be through any product
line, in any order — Network Security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Endpoint, or Secure Wi-Fi.
WCTPs must:
Obtain a recommendation from their WatchGuard Sales team.
 Employ at least one WatchGuard Certified Trainer, certified to train on at least one WatchGuard
Have an adequate training facility that meets the equipment requirements described in this document.
If providing virtual instructor-led training, meet the setup requirements described in this document.
Use courseware and a defined class structure provided by WatchGuard in any classes promoted on the
WatchGuard website.
 Comply with WatchGuard Training’s quality assurance/auditing procedures if requested.
Offer at least 3 days of training per quarter on WatchGuard products, subject to annual review. The
trainings can be a combination of Network Security, Multi-Factor Authentication, Secure Wi-Fi, or
Endpoint Security based on your current certifications.

Facility and Equipment Requirements
To operate as a WatchGuard Certified Training Partner, you must have adequate classroom space that includes
some WatchGuard branding or agree to provide Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT). At WatchGuard, we
provide most of our Partner training sessions as VILT classes. We use a combination of a webinar and a cloudbased virtual network environment to enable our students to work hands-on with WatchGuard products, under
the guidance of a trainer, with no travel required. To provide virtual training, a Training Partner must license the
technology to set up virtual network environments for each student that allows instructor supervision during
class. We fully support any Training Partner providing either type of training to WatchGuard customers, as long
as the specific class setup is vetted through a WatchGuard corporate trainer. WatchGuard does not approve of
technical training that does not include the opportunity for students to work hands-on with our products
during class.
For all onsite training:
Adequate access to Ethernet cabling to connect and configure equipment
Projector, TV, and/or second monitor for screensharing software
For all virtual training:
Teleconferencing tool for all students to view the training, such as GoToMeeting, WebEx, Zoom, or
Optionally for all training, it can also be helpful to have: Whiteboard or flip chart/pens
RADIUS, DNS, certificate authority, and web servers
One supported version of Microsoft Windows Server configured as an Active Directory Domain
Controller, with access to all student computers
For all trainings, internet access and adequate networking equipment is required. If you have questions about
setting up a physical training lab for onsite classes (in person) or a virtual environment for virtual classes, please
contact the WatchGuard Training Team directly

Additional Facility Requirements Based on Class
Network Security (Locally-Managed or Cloud-Managed) Additional Requirements
• One computer or VM (with a supported Windows version) for each student and instructor
• One WatchGuard Firebox (T20 or greater) or FireboxV appliance per student and instructor
• A supported version of Windows Server with Hyper-V or VMware ESXi for Dimension VM
• One gateway Firebox to manage the external connection for all students’ Fireboxes
Secure Wi-Fi Essentials Additional Requirements
• Access to a WatchGuard Cloud account with at least 1 WatchGuard AP that supports Wi-Fi 6
(802.11ax) for each student and the instructor
o Students can use their own WatchGuard Cloud account or instructor can provide an
environment with access to the AP management UI.
• Instructor must have access to a WatchGuard Firebox with built-in Wi-Fi (any Firebox T-series
Wireless model)
Multi-Factor Authentication Essentials Additional Requirements
• One computer or VM (with a supported Windows version) for each student and instructor
• Java Runtime Environment 8 Update 162 or higher, or Amazon Corretto 11 or higher must be
installed on the computers
• One WatchGuard Firebox (T20 or greater) or FireboxV appliance for the instructor (for firebox
o Optional — a WatchGuard Firebox (T20 or greater) or FireboxV for each student
• Each student and instructor must have access to an AuthPoint license
o Students use their own account with licenses or instructor can provide
• Instructor must have access to an Active Directory environment for lab purposes
Endpoint Security Essentials Additional Requirements
• One computer or VM (with a supported Windows version) for each student and the instructor
• Each student and instructor must have access to licenses for EPDR, Patch Management, Full
Encryption, and ART.
o Students use their own account with licenses or instructor can provide

WatchGuard Not for Resale (NFR) Appliance Program
The NFR program is available to all WCTPs who have met and maintain the training partner program
requirements. Each training partner can purchase multiple Firebox appliances, Access Points devices, AuthPoint,
or Endpoint licenses when the products are used to educate customers within a training environment. These
products can be purchased at a substantial discount and include WatchGuard Support and security services
subscriptions. We strongly encourage all WCTPs to participate in the NFR program even though some licenses
may not work in all training environments.
Quality Assurance/Auditing Requirements
To maintain the highest quality of training classes that represent WatchGuard, all training partners must follow
these guidelines:
Share your WatchGuard class schedule with us in advance on a quarterly basis, due the last week of the
previous quarter.
Notify us of all class cancellations and schedule changes.
Email us a class attendance list (including student names, organizations, and email addresses) for each
class held so we can conduct training satisfaction surveys with your students. We will share the results
with you.
We reserve the right to audit your classes at any time. This means that, with little or no notice, a WatchGuard
representative could attend all or part of any of your training classes. We also reserve the right to request that
you record all or some of a training class and submit it to us. If you are audited, we will provide feedback on
the audit session to the local WatchGuard Sales team and to you.


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